I see a lot of Dobermans on your site. I have a little dog. Will you train him?

Sure! Because we worked for an agency which specializes in Dobes, you’ll see a lot of them here. While they are my breed of choice, I have successfully trained everything from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. We really enjoy working with different breeds because even though I believe that “a dog is a dog”, we also appreciate all of the nuances in temperament and aptitude we find when we look at a variety of breeds and types.

I don’t care if my dog knows obedience commands, but he runs away. Could we just work on that and forget about everything else?

No. Any time a dog has a specific behavior problem, it is often a symptom of his lack of relationship with his owner and a failure to understand the basic necessities of living in our world. Making yourself a leader worth following isn’t going to happen in one lesson, or in the addressing of one behavior while we let everything else slide. Think of training as a language we use to explain our expectations to our dogs. Only learning one word of a language isn’t very useful if you’re going to live with a native speaker.



My dog has bitten someone. Will you still work with us?

Yes. First, set up a free evaluation with us. If we determine that we can work together, then we will do everything we can to help you change your dog’s behavior and allow you to keep him safely. However, we will make a lot of demands of you as his owner and trainer (after all, you are his trainer, and I am your teacher). You will sign a contract with us stating that you understand the gravity of this process and your responsibility. No one can afford the repercussions of a biting dog who is not being owned, trained and managed responsibly. If at any time we feel that you are not holding up your part of the agreement, we will terminate the training relationship.

My dog has obviously been abused, as she is afraid of everything. Won’t training frighten her?

No. Please read my article “The Abuse Excuse and Why It’s bad For Dogs” and “The Shy Dog Primer” to get a better understanding about this. Good, balanced training builds a dog’s confidence and can make even a very shy dog more relaxed when dealing with the real world. It’s the greatest gift you give a dog who doesn’t trust humans.

Do you use corrections? I read that I should only train with someone who doesn't use them.

Yes, we use corrections. And so do the people who tell you not to train with someone who does. They just call them something else to make it sound “scientific”. A correction is just information you give your dog. It may be as subtle as a removal of your attention, as gentle as guiding a puppy into a “sit” position, or as direct as a collar correction. Different dogs and different circumstances require different levels of correction. You will learn how to be fair, humane and effective as you train, guaranteeing that you will never harm your relationship with your dog. People who refuse to correct their dogs, thinking that they are somehow being “kind”, are going down a primrose path that never ends well.
    Remember that dogs correct each other all the time. And even more importantly, remember that Life will correct your dog for you if you do not teach him effectively. Any time a dog who doesn’t come when called gets hit by a car, anytime a dog who hasn’t been taught to walk on a loose leash pulls his owner into a dog fight, anytime a dog who hasn’t learned his limits bites someone and has to be euthanized, that is Life giving a correction. Life’s corrections are brutal and sometimes permanent. I would much rather guide my dog with loving discipline than let a misunderstanding about the definition of “kindness” cost him his life.



Do you train with food? I read that I should only train with someone who doesn’t.

Yes, we sometimes train with food. But your dog will not view me or you as human Pez dispensers because of it! We only use food in particular cases for certain dogs. Knowing how to use food as a lure and/or a reward means knowing how to make sure your dog doesn’t become dependent on it.



I’d like to compete in Agility/Obedience/Schutzhund/Conformation etc Can you help me?

Yes, we can help you build the reliability and control you need to compete in any venue. Some of our students have the number 1 obedience dog in the country for their breed and class. Rally is popular with our students as an entry in to the world of obedience competition. If you are interested in the sports we do not offer, we are always happy to refer a competition-minded student to a trainer we trust who has had great success in the sport desired, and usually continue to work with that student in a way that complements their specific sport training. Learning the rules and footwork from a specialist, and then coming back to me for training has been the recipe for success for many of our students, who consistently place at the top of their classes.


Can we leave our dog with you and then pick him up when he is trained and take lessons then?

    Yes! Our Boarding School option is the best way to make sure that your dog’s training is done correctly from the start. Our follow-up instruction for you, his owner, is second to none. You will receive two (2) full years of private lessons and three (3) Drop-In classes as well as a training DVD for reference. Because we only take four resident students at a time, there is usually a waiting list. Contact us today!



Your Boarding School sounds good, but I would NEVER leave my dog anywhere.

    With the advent of in-home petsitting services, many dog owners have been convinced that there is no need to leave their dog in a strange place when they travel. As a matter of fact, some people believe that it’s somehow cruel to do so. While there are some awful examples of irresponsible boarding facilities, they are the exception and not the rule. Leaving your dog in a safe, humane facility such as ours is actually good for the dog, especially in the case of dogs with behavior issues. Here’s why:

     Most dog owners are willing to admit that many of their dog’s problems have been exacerbated by the humans in the household. Removing the dog for a short period and allowing him to re-learn in a positive, easy-to-understand environment gives him his best chance at success, and his absence also allows the owners to get a little perspective about their role, past and future, in his behavior. When he returns home, everyone will be in a better position to succeed.

     Also, a positive experience away from home will help a dog gain confidence and independence, preparing him for any future times when he may need to spend time away from you. Shy dogs will learn to trust a bit more, dominant and aggressive dogs will learn how to deal with human leadership and “just regular” dogs will enjoy being the center of attention as they learn.

If I leave my dog with you for training, won’t he only listen to you instead of me?

    Only if you don’t do your part of the work. When you pick your dog up, we will show you everything he’s learned. Then we’ll teach you how to maintain the training at home. Because he’s had the benefit of clear, consistent training, he will be more forgiving of your learning curve!

    After the initial turn over lesson, you have unlimited private follow up lessons for two years. Since we view training as a language, we’ll make sure that you can speak it as fluently as possible so that you and your dog can start having much clearer communication at home. And of course, we will always be available for phone and email support to make sure that you and your best friend are staying the course once you’ve finished working with us.

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Yorkshire Terrier dog training in Derry New Hampshire

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29 South Ave.  Derry, NH

1 mile from exit 4 off I-93


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Bull Terrier dog training at Fortunate K-9 in Derry NH, North Hampton NH and Tewksbury MA

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Julia V. McDonough

Co-Owner, Training Director




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Sadie, a boarding school graduate, enjoying a beautiful Fall day with her owner Harry.

Won’t my dog resent me if I leave him with you for four weeks?

    One of the great things about dogs is how resilient they are. Most dogs take a day or so to get accustomed to their new surroundings and schedule, but once they catch on to it, they feel right at home. While we humans may miss our friend while he is away at boarding school, we can take comfort knowing that he is having a great time and truly isn’t pining away for us. (It’s almost a little insulting how quickly a dog adapts to life without his owner present!)



Four weeks? That’s a long time. Won’t my dog forget who I am?

    Nope! Even though your dog won’t miss you in the same way that you’ll probably miss him, he also will be overjoyed to see you when you return. We don’t exactly know how dogs comprehend the passing of time, but they sure handle it better than we do!

Bailey and Oliver practicing self control during a Boarding School field trip.