Training Services

Boarding School:


  Our exclusive boarding school provides the utmost in quality training and problem solving for the discriminating dog owner. Your dog will stay with us for four to six weeks as a guest in our home where he will benefit greatly from daily attention and guidance. During this time, he will be worked with on a regular schedule of daily lessons and instruction. Learning and practicing all of the important commands and habits that he needs to succeed in your home. Because of the constant and consistent work, your dog will learn at a much more accelerated pace than he can in any other type of program. When you pick him up, we will show you what he has learned, and teach you how to maintain the good behavior. You also will be invited to come back for unlimited follow-up lessons for five (5) years, included in the price, to make sure that things are staying on track at home.


   Dogs with significant behavior problems benefit greatly from our Boarding School, as do “normal” and “happy” dogs  whose owners find themselves at a loss when it comes to making the time to start training at home or in lessons. Once your dog comes home with his new, improved behavior, you will have better incentive to maintain it. Our ongoing support will make sure you always have “backup” so that you and your dog have true success.


   Your dog lives in our home, not a kennel or outbuilding. This is a safe, clean and comfortable environment.


   Because of our high level of care and the reputation of this program, our Boarding School is often booked more than a month in advance.  If you are interested in this program, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE evaluation and to schedule your dog’s enrollment date.



Our Boarding School package includes:


 - Custom hands-on, personalized training for 4 to 6 weeks. Most boarding students are with us for 4 or 5 weeks.


 - Follow-up lessons: A 2 hour turn over lesson upon pickup and unlimited private lessons for five (5) full years!


 - Free “Drop-In” group class for each week in boarding school plus access to all on-going Drop-In classes.


 - 1 professional training equipment package


 - Written instructional material


 - Membership in our online training and dog info chat group, “The Ruff Crowd”



Private lessons:


   The personal attention and customized approach of one-on-one training is the optimal way to go for owners who wish to participate in every facet of their dog’s education. Because you and your dog are the only students, each lesson is tailored to your particular needs and will move at a pace appropriate for you. Whether you need to work in a quiet, low-distraction atmosphere or would prefer to proof your dog around a number of other dogs and people, private lessons can be arranged to suit each team as they grow in confidence and experience.


   Lessons take place at one of our facilities in a safe, climate-controlled training building with cushioned flooring for you and your dog’s comfort. We also have access to several large, secure training fields. In-town and dog park “field trips” are encouraged in order to test your dog’s training and reliability in true real life settings. We also offer an option of lessons at your home if needed for a reasonable additional cost. After completion of the standard training package, students are entitled to a number of free follow-up lessons to be taken at your leisure. Because we stand behind our training, we will support you and your dog long after you finish working with us. Also, weekly “drop-in” group classes for graduates are held on a regular basis and are a lot of fun for everyone!

Group classes:


Obedience 101 is for dogs seven months and up. These 6 week classes will teach you and your dog all the skills you will need for a well behaved dog in your home and out in public. It will provide the tools and techniques to help you create a calm, confident and obedient dog. Obedience 101 is a great first step to prepare for your Canine Good Citizen Certification if that is your goal.  The price for this class is $299 and for your benefit the class is limited to only 6 dogs. 


Equipment is included.

Saturday  March 9th  @  9:00am

Sunday  March 31st  @  9:00am

Friday  April 5th  @  12:00pm

Wednesday  May 8th  @  7:00pm






Puppy Prep is a lot of fun; it’s an opportunity for owners of pups three to six months old to start their youngsters off right. We teach you how to teach Pup the ABC’s of Obedience plus important and practical exercises designed to make vet visits and day to day life less stressful; real world training that your puppy needs to grow into their best potential. There is also plenty of time for Q&A, when you can ask your instructor about anything puppy related. This is an exceptional six week program that will help build a great relationship. Enrollment is limited to just 6 students.

The cost is $199

                                                                   Do not wait since this class fills fast!  


Wednesday  March 13th  @  7:00pm

Sunday  March 31st  @  12:00pm

Tuesday  April 9th  @  4:00pm



The dogs of the Drop-In Class are living proof that training can be fun and effective!  Notice that every dog in the photo is looking at his or her owner regardless of distance or distraction.  Our student Sue provides a moving distraction while her GSD watches from his down.

Each private lesson package includes:


- 5 one hour weekly one-on-one sessions


- 2 Additional Private “follow-up” lessons available for 6 months after completion        

     of the 5 core lessons

 - 3 “Drop-In” group class for all graduates of our training programs.


- 1 professional training equipment package


- Written take-home sheets to help you practice between lessons


- Membership in our online training and dog info FaceBook group, “The Ruff Crowd”

Don Eddy and Laddie travelled all the way from NJ to get help with their dog obedience problems

 The Drop-In Class is an informal group class for dog and handler teams who have successfully completed our Boarding School, Private Lesson Program or 101 Group Class. This drop-in class is designed to allow students the opportunity to practice in a safe environment at our training facility or out in the “real world”. When weather permits training will take place outside in Derry among real life distractions including in stores, at parks and along the Derry bike path.


Advanced training includes off-leash skills, out-of-motion and out-of-sight exercises as well as preparation for competitive obedience. This is a drop-in class to be taken at will by students who wish to keep improving their skills and to give their dogs something fun to do that pays off in the “real world”.


The Drop-In is an excellent place to try new things and to challenge your dog’s reliability in a safe setting; a must for dogs with behavior issues such as dog or human aggression or extreme shyness. The class can range in size from 4 to 18 dogs, and are well known presence on the sidewalks, bike path and shops in Derry!  We currently have 3 conveniently scheduled drop-in classes: Saturday @ 11:00am,  Sunday @ 4pm and  Tuesday @ 11am.  Plenty of opportunity to work on your training and help you and your dog succeed.

Julia tests the staying power of Gracie Jane der Flitzer, CGC, BH, TDI, RE, WDTT;  Panzer der Grosseretterhund, CGC, CD;  Mayday, CGC, BH, RE, WDTT, CD; Olivia, CGC and Gus, CGC 

Julia tests the staying power of (L-R) Gracie Jane der Flitzer, CGC, BH, TDI, RE, WDTT;  Panzer der Grosseretterhund, CGC, CD;  Mayday, CGC, BH, RE, WDTT, CDX; Olivia, CGC and Gus, CGC 

Don Eddy and Laddie travelled all the way from NJ to get help with their dog problems!

A Boarding School “student” during his first in-town lesson in downtown Portsmouth, NH.  Like most dogs who find their way to us, Jack had his fair share of “issues” including reactivity around strangers and strange places.   Sound familiar???

Video of the Drop-In Class enjoying an early Spring outdoor session. Also taking part is Hana, a Boarding School Puggle practicing her lessons and Bob, an English Bulldog in his very first group class.

29 South Ave.  Derry, NH

1 mile from exit 4 off I-93


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Fortunate K9 Obedience Boarding School student Oliver from Boston MA

Boarding Student Oliver, a city dog from Boston, enjoying his time in the country.

A Drop-In Class working on a challenging exercise in our training room.  Fortunate K9 students are prepared for any distraction life presents.

Experience you can count on!


Within the past 2 years at least one member of the following breeds has successfully completed a training program at FK9



Alaskan Malamute

American Bulldog

American Eskimo Dog

American Pit Bull Terrier

Appenzeller Mountain Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Shepherd


Basset Hound


Belgian Malinois

Belgian Tervuren

Bernese Mountain Dog

Black Mouth Cur

Border Collie

Boston Terrier

Bouvier des Flandres


Brussels Griffon


Bull Mastiff

Bull Terrier

Cane Corso

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Chinese Shar Pei




Doberman Pinscher

Dogo Argentino

Dogue de Bordeaux

English Bulldog

English Mastiff

English Pointer

English Shepherd

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Fila Brasileiro

German Shepherd Dog

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer

Giant Schnauzer


Golden Retriever

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Great Dane


Irish Wolfhound

Jack Russell Terrier


Kerry Blue Terrier

Klee Kai


Labrador Retriever


Lhasa Apso


Miniature Australian Shepherd

Miniature Poodle

Miniature Schnauzer


Olde English Bulldogge

Old English Sheepdog

Ori Pei

Patterdale Terrier

Pembroke Welsh Corgi





Saint Bernard




Shiba Inu

Shih Poo

Siberian Husky

Standard Poodle



West Highland Terrier

Wheaton Terrier

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Yorkshire Terrier



We probably missed a couple!




Of course hundreds


(maybe thousands?) of


All-American mixed





We can train your dog!



(If you have trained with us and we missed your breed. Please call us or send an email)

English Mastiff, Pug and Great Dane at Fortuante K9 Dog and Owner Training

Big or small, we train them all!  Pete (aka Peterbilt), Oliver and Nelson

Julia V. McDonough

Co-Owner, Training Director




Rick Froton

Co-Owner, Trainer





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Drop-In class out in public and looking good!

Three Goldens enjoy recess at Boarding School. These three guys are NOT from the same family.  A coincidence of scheduling had them enrolled at the same time.

Fortunate K9 Dog and Owner Training - Group Training Class

We offer the following Drop-In class for graduates of our training programs.

Drop-In group class waiting to get started in the FK9 parking lot

Boarding School student “GiGi” strutting her stuff off-leash in downtown Derry. Her owner would call to check in on her and he later told me he thought I was talking about a different dog since he could not believe she would ever be able to walk without pulling him down the street.

I came to Fortunate K9 about 2 years ago. My Pitbull Bronx was biting, growling, and I was scared of him. It got so bad I couldn't even touch his ears. It was as if overnight he had be become this crazy devil dog. I was scared of my own dog and didn't know what to do. I knew I wanted to keep him, but I also knew that he was becoming dangerous.

I had recently rescued him from a kill shelter in Manhattan, NY. I knew he was a good dog at heart, but I also knew if I didn't get things under control my dog was going to be labeled a horrible scary dog. I knew that if placed in the wrong situation, he could potentially hurt someone. I frantically looked for a solution. I was turned down by many so-called “trainers” who told me that my dog was far too gone and dangerous. Finally, I was referred to Fortunate K9 by my vet.  That's when I met Tom. 

Within one lesson, Tom pinpointed the problem. Bronx was a great dog, but I was the problem. I was confusing him all the time. I was doing all the wrong things. Bronx thought he was in control. After just the first lesson the biting and growling was gone. I  spent everyday working on the techniques Tom taught me. Finally Bronx was being the dog I knew he always was. 

Now I bring Bronx into work everyday. He rides on the crowded Boston subway daily. He greets people, with his kind eyes and rolls on his belly for a tummy rub. People love him. He is the lovable pup I adopted.  

I cannot say enough good things about Tom and Fortunate K9 Dog &
Owner Training! They really know dogs!!! There are no bad dogs just confused owners. If you want your dog trained, call them now! Listen, practice and get the dog you have always dreamed of having. I am continuing my work with Bronx and Tom, there are always things for me to learn. Thank you Tom and Fortunate K9!!!


Bronx and Danielle

Bronx riding the “T” to work!

By the time he was a year old, my German Shepherd dog Fergus had already attended two different dog training courses. He would sit, walk on my left side, and had learned the usual things they teach in those courses, and had grown to be my best friend, protector, and companion. However, he also had developed a serious bad habit, that neither one of the trainers could help me with: aggression towards other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc.: fortunately however, not with people. He became so ballistic when he saw another dog, that when I would walk him, I had started using two collars (one pinch collar, one choke collar) with two leashes on him at the same time. I started using two, because I was afraid, God forbid, we encountered another dog and either the leash or collar broke,… I believed he would kill the other dog. The climax came when we were walking one day and a small dog snuck out of its owner’s house into the street: Fergus charged at the dog, pulled me to the ground, and dragged me about 10 feet. He dragged me, because I refused to let go of the leashes, I was sure he would kill the dog if he got to it. After that, I sadly began to think that at 90 lbs., I could not continue to live in fear with him, started being afraid to even go for walks at all, and that I would need to give him up for adoption.


That’s when a friend of mine told me about Fortunate K9. I went on the website, and read every testimonial. I decided to go for a free consultation, which is when I met Rick. I brought Fergus, and explained my desperate situation to him, and that Fortunate K9 was my last hope. He confidently told me he could help us, and said I would see results in just three classes, which I did. Two wonderful years have passed since then, and Fergus and I continue to thoroughly enjoy our pleasurable daily walks. I have an awesome dog, and walk safely and confidently with him right at my side every morning. If he encounters another animal, he looks forward, and quietly keeps heeling. It is thanks to Rick Froton, that I have my loving, excellent-mannered companion: Fortunate K9 is the best. I even have strangers comment on how obedient Fergus is: I ALWAYS recommend Fortunate K9!


Vickie Wolper, Manchester, NH

Vickie sent this testimonial 2 years after her last lesson with us!!!

Fergus says hello!

Danielle sent us this testimonial about a year after her last lesson with Fortunate K9

Here is Boarding School student Riley demonstrating how “basic” obedience can solve a very serious case of food aggression. The Kerry Blue Terrier rescue sent him to us as he had been through 3 homes in which he sent 5 people to the ER for treatment.  Other than the tremendous food aggression he was a very good dog.  This was shot at the normal morning feeding first take and spontaneous  narration.

Lita, a Boarding School student, working on her “sit/stay” with some minor distractions.  

Abigail, a happy Puppy Prep student, practicing her recall..